Does it worth it??

I just finished building a Leach amplifier and now I need speakers. I'm wondering if it would really worth it to build my own set of speakers in terms of quality and price. I'd be willing to spend up to about 600$ for the project. I'm not very good at wood working and I do not really enjoy it BUT I'd be willing to get my hands dirty if you guys tell me that by following a good design, I would obtain much better speakers. How would they compare to a paradigm monitor 5 for example (approx 600$).
I'm looking for a pair of speakers to listen mostly to music (rock/pop, classical etc...)

Hi David,

Yes definitely build, if you want to get your hands dirty, you must already have the DIY bug.
So try looking at,

You might want to pick up a new edition of Vance Dickson cookbook.

You can put all the tweaks you want in your project that most manufactures wouldn`t do, particularly heavy weighing tweaks that are impractical for shipping costs, ex: multilayers of MDF, highend caps, inductors, wire, etc.

Make friends with a safe owner of a table saw.Good luck,
Well interms of making them look nice, I always feel that a nice looking design could be done with wood veneer on all the sides of the cabinet and Black laminate or paint on the front and back, rather simple, but it looks pretty good as demonstarted by the polk speakers, I think.

If you do a search on google for wood veneer you will find a bunch of places that sell self adhesive veneer. So if you can find someone with a router and a flush cutting bit for it, you can probobly make the cabinets look real nice.