Does anyone make good quality cheap amps like the Helder Audio ones?

I've got a Helder Audio TA2020 amp module which sadly I killed with overvoltage. I'm so out of touch that I dont know what to replace it with. It is really well made and cost about £20 ($30) There are lots of cheap class d amps on ebay but none of them look very good quality. Are there websites that sell these good quality modules or have they all shut down?

Here is the one I have killed:

Ideally I'm after one amp to run off about 12v - 18v for a boombox and one to run off 2x12v SLA in my campervan so about 30V. That would be for hifi speakers for my camperan.

I've ordered a ST508 to experiment with as it was cheap: STA508 CLASS D Audio Power Amplifier AMP Board 80W+80W Stereo Assembled Board | eBay

Not sure how good it will be though.
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Try a TPA3116 or TPA3118. The Sanwu TPA3118 monos seem well liked. I have some but haven't wired them up yet. They'll run from 12-24V. (Lower probably but power output is tiny at 5V!).

One problem making recommendations is the specs change so often and there seem to be so many suppliers of these things. I have and like the Breeze 2.0 TPA£116 board and the TPA3116 Dual chip

If you want to go bigger, maybe look at TAS5615, TAS5630.... You'd need a hefty boost converter to run those to the limit though. And you'd probably want to be 1/2 a field away from the "stack" when it's playing. :)

Thanks, I think what has happened is that 10 years ago these were quite specialist and there were companies like 41hz selling well made boards. Now every man and his dog are making them. The breeze amps look really nice. The ones I looked at could only handle 25v max so wouldnt be able to run them off the truck batteries (about 30v) but would be ok with a step down converter. I will look at your suggestions though. Think I might buy a few and then sell the ones I dont want on ebay.


2013-12-22 6:40 pm
You could look to DUG, Gmarsh, Doctormord, who all do boards or amps in small quantities.

Another option is a raspberry Pi2/3 with a IQAudio Digiamp+ or a Polyvection PlainAmp. Both of those boards have a TAS5756M dac/dsp/amp on board.


Would you have some feedback about how those TAS5756M amps perform from "audiophile" perspective compared to TA2020, TPA3116 or TPA3118?

I have an eye on those amps for a active multi amp config (idea is R Pi or Orange Pi performing the dsp function => usb Streamer (or similar) => amps with I2S input).