Does anyone know this XO Clock?

I came across this XO clock. All it needs is +5 power supply and crystal from the player. I haven't fired it up yet. I got it in used broken player that apparently was modyfied by an owner. I don't know what is this display for and what can be set...A clock frequency maybe?? Does anyone know what Clock is it? What company produced it?



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This is the CD toeren regelaar (speed regulator) from elektor (elektuur) december 1988.

It is used to replace the standard 11MHz philips xtal in a first or second generation player. Adjustment of the playing speed from -20% to +15% in steps of 0,5%. Buttons are up/down/reset.

Clockfreq 4.2336 or 11.2896 MHz.

black is 5V powersupply 200mA, coax is clock out. Check the xtal on the pcb to see if it is setup for 4 or 11MHz. Buy an old second hand philips and you have a nice gadget. Just remove the xtal and connect the coax to mass and Xin of the decoder or filter. It does not say to even remove the caps and 1M resistor near the xtal.

D1 = minus indicator
D2 = PLL unlocked.

This is not the most jitterfree clock i think :D

If it is still operational and you think of using it, i can translate the adjustments.

Nice gadget, but no hifi :whazzat: