Does anyone have the schematic I'm looking for?

At the moment I'm a student on a highschool in Belgium, I'm studying electronics, and I would like to build a "strong" amplifier for use in a discobar (our hobby).
Do you have a schematic of an amplifier which can drive two speakers of 350 Watt RMS (99dB/W/m) without any problem? The problem with our current amplifiers is, that we can't play loud enough without clipping of the amplifier or the mixer (what isn't very healthy for the tweeters).

I thank you for reading this message.

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Check out the N-channel power amplifier at ''. I've never heard the amplifier, but I've heard good things about it. There is a schematic, PC board, and a construction manual for this. I don't think there's a full kit (components included) available.

If more power is needed, he also has a 1KW amp, but you'll need to get the details on this from Tony. There are lots of pictures, but no schematic.