Does any body have T/S parametres for these before I bid??


An acquaintance had those in a 90 litre ported box, tuned at 30Hz. They didn't go extremely loud, but plenty loud enough, and quite good sounding too.

Those TS specs must have come from the old Focal catalogue - I had one from WAR in Perth from the (?) late 90's which listed them. They were (apparently) exactly the same as the 10K515's (except for the Neoflex cone material) but they sounded a lot different. The word was that if you didn't push the Neoflex too hard then they were the best cones that Focal were making at the time.

I wouldn't go much over $100-120 unless you're really keen (I saw them too, but my better half thinks I have enough woofers - and two Samoyeds...:)).