Do you name your amps?

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Um, i was sanding the (wooden) case for my amp today, and got thinking i have to do some decals over it before applying laquer. Then it struck me; i DON'T have a name for the thing! I mean, i saw a lot of people naming their amps, and even Hiraga came up with the "monster" right? :)

So, do you name your creations?
Hi Lisandro_P.

Yes, and since I like opera, I'm naming my almost finished preamp Verdi, and my future poweramp Pucinni. I just can't help it ;o)
Besides that I'm kind of lucky. At my work I've got access to serigraphy. That makes it look good, and I like that.

Offcourse our 'babies' need naming. They doo tend to live a life of their own from time to time, and occupy just as much of our time as real babies, or???????????????
Funny you should ask that question. Normally I don't even think about it but for descriptive purposes the A75 I finished around Christmas did get a name. I called it the Wamba Jamba amplifier. My friends know nothing about electronics and as I described to them the differences and merits of Class A their faces betrayed their confusion. This is the name I came up with to imply something big (which it is).:D
What a great idea! I knew a chap who named all his cars, this is even better.
Okay, I'm now trying to think of a name for my new amp. It would have to tie in the fact it took me almost 3 years to build, and went through umpteen design modifications before being finished.
I'm looking at building a 500 watt/channel amplifier built around
a large 'wind tunnel' heatsink assembly that's hard-wired with
emitter resistors and bus bars. I think it started out in life as a mainframe computer power supply regulator. I decided it would make for a bodacious amplifier, and so "Bubba" was born, at least on paper.

Hopefully I won't kill my meagre collection of output transistors
while confirming that the selected topology can swing enough
voltage to drive five pairs of output devices on nearly 100 volt
rails. I'll be using MJ21193/4 TO-3 devices.

Languishing in the shadows is my first tube amplifier project,
"Alpha". I ran out of money for the output transformers and
a clear idea of what I'm going to use for the driver circuits,
although the current issue of AudioXpress has an example of
a self-balancing phase inverter that's in tune with my fuzzy
Yes, Janus was the name of the god with two faces, forever looking backwards and forwards...
But if you want to name something that took three years to build and went through umpteen revisions (and probably cost overruns in the bargain), may I humbly suggest: The Committee (for amps below 50W), or perhaps The Government (for amps over 50W).

If I named it Janus my wife might be jealous. Well, probably not. But I'll have to keep looking for a name. Maybe Vortex because of all the money it sucked out of me when I kept changing my mind on what to build.
You folks all convinced me that I didn't need to decide what to build. I could always build another one! And now I have lots of parts left over!
I do not know anything about your amp and the personal relationship you are developping with nice homebrewn things:

What about LISA ?




ps: I always give name to my amps, but tent to forget them, and only call them by their nicknames ("da klaane" - austrian dialect for "the small one" , da schiache" for "the ugly one" or "da kübi" for "the bucket").
What does this tell us about the outside shape and finish of my amps ?
Um... well, it's a dual JLH '96 (2x20w), with output protection, power vu-meters and remote switching. It's on a wooden box of lapacho (a brown-dark wood with yellow and brown zebra stripes - beautiful ), with top and bottom of pinewood. The sinks will be on top, covered with a metallic grid.... think of an old tube amp, only slimmer! Front has two leds (red - standby, blue - on), two switches, the two power led vumeters's (10 leds on each) and two extra yellow leds indicating if the output protection is working.... phew :D
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