Do not buy Marantz CD players...



Do not buy Marantz CD4000, CD5000, CD6000 etc. if you need them to play CDRs and CDRWs.

This off course goes against their advertising campaign, where Marantz says these players are CDR/CDRW playback capable.

Yes, but only if the copies are recorded in TAO (Track-At-Once) mode and not in DAO (Disk-At-Once) mode, which I find as quite misleading and, unfortunately I am an owner of CD4000 (purchased couple of months ago). I have copies of many of my original CDs to play them in the car and for archival purposes and what was my disappointment to find that this new machine was skipping tracks, skipping whithin tacks or not recognising the CD as finalised at all (my other two machines - Sony and Pioneer have no such problems).
First suspected the media, then the burning software, then the players having tracking problems, then a combination of all this, till I read an article in Hi-Fi Chioce (

What am I planning to do now? Well, I'll attempt to return the CD player and get a refund - whether I'll be successful is another story.

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