Do Jantzen and Clarity caps mix well?

Hey recently I've been wandering if I can save some cash on a crossover upgrade by using a mixture of Jantzen standard z , clarity cap CSA with a cdet 940c bypass cap to meld them together. I need to make up a value of 7.5uf so would use 3.6uf standard and a 3.9uf CSA with a 0.01uf cdet 940c. Has anyone on here tried these two caps together in the tweeter circuit. Thoughts would be appreciated. The other components I'm using are Jantzen superes on everything but the parallel woofer spot were Im using Jantzen mox. There also is a parallel cap in the woofer which is an electrolytic so I plan to use a cheaper jantzen cross cap. The 1uf cap will be a Jantzen standard.
Attached is a crossover schematic


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Thanks for the response I wish I believed that! It would be easier on my wallet! I've tried miflex kcpu in a 1st order RCA hpf and it did magic for the soundstage giving me even more Insight into placement of each individual instrument, vocals and decay. This concreted to me that there is an audible different in caps, not for the frequency response but for the way they handle decay, microdetail, fluidity and just overall coherency. Don't take this as me saying your wrong infact if you can't hear the difference to your ears there is none for you and you can save your cash. My question above still stands. Anyone that's tried this mix of caps I would greatly appreciate hearing your opinion on the mater!
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Believe it or not, my statement is fact.
A lot of people 'see' a difference by way of trying to warrant the cash spent on 'special' components.
Fit exactly as the service manual or designer states. Unless of course, you are more qualified and experienced than the designer of the product in question.
Don't believe some snake oil on a web site somewhere by a bogus seller, that has no scientific credibility.
Well, when you're into the audibility area or science (of observation of the syatem and then selection...) and you are on your own, the senses, in particular the hearing like when listening, are the the only mean tò get in touch with reality.
So when someone states that A>B (money's not an arbiter) I believe It!
I guess it's a matter of personal preference. It seems odd to say the designer knows best so why change the components they specced. One could argue they designed the crossover and then picked the best parts for each location within the budget they were given. I'm all for spending the least amount possible on parts to get the desired result but when you see audio manufactures time and time again using higher end components on their more expensive speakers and lower cost on their cheaper stuff you gotta wander why they would bother if their wasn't a tangible improvement, especially as it's eating into their profits. For me the standard and CSA series strike that balance of well regarded caps but not at stupid prices. This is why I was so interested in people's opinions. Nonetheless I shall experiment for myself and come to my own conclusions.
Thanks for the perspective.
Myself, would probably just stick to the higher values and try it.
I’m using Clarity MR 4.7uf along with about another 1.5uf of polystyrene caps together to achieve the correct values, and am pleased with it filtering for tweeters, but haven’t done any comparisons to other parts.
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I found that the Jantzen Superior caps are ~mediocre compared to Wima FKP DC link caps, in both quality and sonics-

I used them for my work on the ongoing developement of Salas" 6V6 Preamp PCB, and find them exceptionally good. They are available in many values and are rather large.


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