Do It Yourself Speaker Kit by Ed Frias....


2001-12-11 8:49 am
I was wondering if anyone tried making this speaker designed by Ed Frias and posted on I really love the idea of DIY audio, but dont have the know how or time to design my own speaker. I figure this might be an introduction to crossovers and such, will little to worry about because... well... its basically a kit speaker. (plus you order the premade enclosures!) If anyone has had any experiance with them let me know, id love to jump on this diy bandwagon.

BTW...Is it still DIY is someone else did it before you??
I checked it out, and it looks pretty good.
People in the know seem to harp a lot that it is the crossover design , not the drivers, that is the most important. This speaker seems to prove that. The tweeter is recognizable as one that is used in several quite high end commercial designs.

It would be tempting to build with a better quality box (double thick front baffle, bracing, etc. -same internal volume.

Also maybe fancy crossover parts, perhaps that could be an upgrade after you listen to it stock.

I couldn't find a diagram of the cabinet size other than the size pre-built one you order. It would be nice to have a drawing of an ideal cabinet. I didn't even notice if it was ported. if so, would need info on that. I will study the box again.

Yes, copying an existing design is considerd DIY.