DN27 vs DN27A

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the biggest differences between the DN27 and the DN27A are the Knobs after that, turn on delay, total system bypass via switches, earth lift facilities, and optional plug in x-former balancing after that they're clones.

missing values?
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the only things i would concern myself with in rebuilding these is the supply filtering and the condition of the fader/sliders after that all the filter components where all high quality so not likely to need replacing.
totally agree with you about power supply and faders. But knowing IC's used before getting a product, can avoid finding yourself searching for rare components !
they're usually populated with TL or NE series opamp's so no nothing exotic in there, that why so many are still out there in the wild...quality lasts.
i had one come to me for service because someone did some "op amp rolling" for supposed "sonic improvements" but in the end was oscillating violently so don't go off the deep end with mods and all should be good.
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