DN2540 Power Amp

The TO-220 has a 15W dissipation limit. If i go to about 75% of that or 10-12W would that work?

thinking 150v supply. 60 mA to 80mA.

If i do 3 DN2540 in parallel.. could use a Edcor 1.25K:8 output transformer. might get 10W output power.

Even with a decent heatsink you would not go above 5W on the 220?


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2006-09-08 2:04 pm
does anyone have the ability to simulate this circuit?
Here is the result, using your data + half-realistic parameters: output power 2W for 3%THD, nominal sensitivity 500mV rms.
Nice harmonic profile, typical of SE (discounting the transformer's distortions).
Note that I find 200V uncomfortably high, but if the DN withstands it, why not.

I kept the dissipation in the DN at <6W, which means R1=27Ω, not 10, but insisting on 10Ω would either mean serious complications or a much higher dissipation in the MOS, none of which is desirable for such a simplistic circuit.


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