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DLP Projector Optics

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This is the prism assembly from a 3-chip DLP projector.

Light enters through the small aperture near the top of the picture, and exits through the aperture toward the bottom left. You can see one of the DMD chip mounts at the center of the image. The other two are not visible in the photo.

This assembly includes all prisms, mirrors, heatsinks, and DMD chip mounts. No lens, no lamp, and no DMD chips. I do not have a data sheet. The optics appear to be in excellent shape- no scratches, chips, or other visible damage.

This assembly is very similar to the one in my Electrohome Vista Pro projector.

First $25 plus shipping via UPS takes it. It weighs about 12 lbs (lots of glass in the prisms!).

Email for more info: rehorstmark@netscape.net


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