DJ Mixer

Around where I live, in DJ performances, the Denon DJ CD player is used along with a Gemini DJ Mixer. While the Denon is about the best in the industry, the sound of the Gemini is quite harsh.

Does anybody have schematics of DJ mixers? How do they manage to get -32db cut and +12db boost on the tone controls?

I am interested in building one with better quality active devices.

Thanks in advance.

basically the gain pot is not balanced in resistance from the center
in some designs !

if you want a better sound !! buy a new mixer ! or
elliminate from the gemini, all the china electrolitic capacitors &
replace it with panasonic fc series & if the output of the mixer
have some transistor mute circuit , please rip it out completly ~!

questions let me know.


you wont be dissapointed !!!;)