diycable offering UCD180/400 based amps

Not many people have bought the stand-alone chassis. It has been an unqualified failure as a stand-alone product. :-(

I chalk up the failure to the following:

#1. Cost It's too expensive for a DIY chassis. Most people are looking for something inexpensive and once you finish a front/rear panel the price is no longer cheap. (about $175)

#2. Complexity: Many people are not comfortable using the FrontPanel software.

#3. Lack of marketing by us: Not many people know of the product. I'd spend some money to promote it but I'm not making any money on selling them to begin with. I have very minimal margin in the actual enclsoure (they cost me $75 in 50 unit quantities) so it's hardly worth my effort.

In terms of the amplifiers we build, I'm a little biased but the quality is superb. I decided long ago that if I'm going to put something out it's going to be built right. If there are problems with something I simply don't use it.

I've been asked about warrantee issues. We have had zero problems with the amplifier modules. The rest of the amplifier is a simple transformer, rectifier capacitor power supply. There isn't much that can go wrong unless you get a surge and go over the voltage of the caps. We specifiy our caps WELL over their normal operating voltage so we don't have any problems under normal conditions. I consider 20% to be a minimum safety margin.

In the unlikely event you do have a problem with the amps we will cover any problem 100% (parts & labor) 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have a problem after that I can personally promise that we will take care of you. I'm in this business for the rest of my life and I believe in acting that way.