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Maybe I'm the last to notice, but do these guys remind you of anyone? I was running the dial the other day, and I came to something about the history of MTV on VH1. They showed "Whip It" video by Divo. Suddenly, I thought of Jocko. No offense, but I personally think the song totally sucks, but apparently some people like it.:rolleyes:


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80's Classics

Well said Brett.
This reminds me of a late night radio show on JJJ and Richard Kingsmill played a new release, and a youngster rang in and said " that was a really neat intro, where is that from ?".
Richards reply was " that was 'The Who' - WHERE have you BEEEEEN ???."

Those two Devo records were some of my favorites in my formative years and I still pull them out and enjoy them.
The lyrics are good, the tunes are good and the production is solid gold.

Whip It, Jocko Homo, Working In A Coal Mine and Beautiful World are classics in their own right - play them on a decently loud and big system and you just can't sit still.
What ever happened to Devo ? - Hey, if they were to do a comeback tour I'd be the first to put my name down as local crew again.

Anybody notice that modern music does not seem to be happy music anymore ?.
Devo and other 80's stuff was a lot of fun, and still is.

Memories, Eric.

Jocko's avatar gets my vote !.
from The Age (Melbourne) <a href="">There is life after Devo</a>

<i>Mothersbaugh doesn't need Devo anymore. Despite the success of Devo hits like Whip It, he has written more music and made more money outside the band.

Since the mid-1980s he and his brother Bob have become busy Hollywood composers, laying down the music for everything from Rugrats to roller coaster rides to beer and car commercials to ``Crash Bandicoot'' video games to movies like Rushmore, Rocky and Bullwinkle and appropriately Revenge of the Nerds.

Now that Nokia has asked Mothersbaugh to compose new ring tones for cell phones, chances are that more people will hear his music in his current incarnation than in his previous one.M</i>

Yeah, speaking for myself, I'd have to agree with Grey. I don't like 80's pop/dance, it's too sysnthesized. (OK, Devo had a guitar, bass, drums, etc. just like lots of bands that I do like, but there's still something about that style of music that rubs me wrong)
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