DIY2002 Loudspeaker Event in Atlanta

The 2nd annual Atlanta DIY Loudspeaker event is being held on October 26 at the Doraville Comfort Inn and Conference Center. Point your browser to for info.

There are no membership or club dues. This is casual event where you can listen to other DIY designs and bring your own design to collect constructive criticism.

If you're interested in attending, please send me an email with a list of equipment you will be bringing, and I will add your name to the attendee list. (PS: It's OK to show up if your name is not on the list. The list is for others to see who and what will be at the event.)

be there

I'll be there for most of the time. I have to leave in time to see the Rolling Stones at Turner Field!

Hopefully I can finish a nice set of vifa bookshelves in time to bring them along. Brian and I are trying to take advantage of the Georgia Tech woodshop which is really nice, but doesn't let anyone in except those people in the college of architecture. I'm sure we can manage to beat the system one more time.