DIY wall-mounted speakers

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I need to replace my dead set of crappy mass-produced speakers, and decided that the expense of buying a pair was to large and perhaps a reasonable pair could be produced on a budget. I have no prior experience with speaker building, but I have rather good woodworking skills

The problem is that there a literally thousands of plans around for speakers, but I don't know which one to chose.

The speakers will go into a 4 x 4 room (meters not feet) and must be mounted in the top rear corners of the room (no space for them elsewhere wall-mounted). The speakers will be used as music and PC speakers (via amp). I have a budget of about US$200/pair, and have no problems building the cabinets myself.

Does anyone have any plans or designs that will work in this situation. I have read allot of the other forum threads but they all seem to use speakers on-stands or larger rooms (both which won't work).

Any help (or a point in the right direction) would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your time
Donut, I once had a pair of Grundig speakers that were thin but wide, with a nice quality heavy 4 ohm 5 " bass driver and two tweeters mounted diametrically opposite.
The cabinet was the area of two telephone books, and similar thickness.
There were also two wood blocks screwed to both front and rear panels to provide bracing.
The rear panel nearly touched the rear of the bass driver magnet, and the cabinet was quite full of damping wool.
These were very suitable for hanging from hooks on the wall and sounded very good indeed.
These were made from white laminex covered board and looked good too.

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What i had in mind when i asked about the avaialble real estate was a quasi open baffle. One of the fellows has had some good success with an open baffle that is cut to fit into the corner (he sits his on the floor, your would have the added complexity of attaching it to the walls).

But following on Eric's post, in Uni i built a wall-hanging TL for a Jordan-Watts module -- Jordan has a similar slim design on their site for the JX63. I also own a pair of wall hangers that use an Audax 170mm midbass & 25 mm tweeter that a friend designed (and never dot past the 1st production run) that are quite good.

A suitable set of drivers could be easily built into thin profile cabinet suitable for wall mounting. XO tuning (if you went more than 1-way) would be different than for a stand or floorstander. One advanatge with the wall mount you have no worries about baffle step.

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