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I am after a few quick answers or "gut responses".

I have been loitering around this site for a few months, in the hope that it would help me make a decision regarding which drivers and enclosure I would use for my first DIY. The problem I am having is that as soon as any thread becomes a little bit technical I can get lost.

I am interested in:

Alpair 12 (Pensil enclosure), although I am concerned they meed be more suited to a large room.

Alpair 7 (Pensil), I am concerned that it may not have enough bass, although I could setup as a 2.1 with a sub.

Twin Alpair 7, what are the benefits of two drivers, sorry if this is obvious.(, I like the look of two drivers.

My Parameters:
Amp: Cambridge Audio 340R (not changing to valve amp, can only afford speakers at the moment).
Room: 5m x 7m (16' x 22')
Music: Wide Ranging, bass heavy electronic and accousitc alternative. I want to hear the bass at low volumes (I want it to be clearly defined).

All opinions welcome.:)
If you are concerned about Alpair7 & bass, and can live with 5 foot, no deficiency of bass with Maeshowe.

After Colin's success with Twin Mar-Ken10, there will also be a Twin Mar-Ken7.

But with a room as large as you have, i don't think Pensil12 will be an issue.


Thanks, I am under instructions with regards to size, and the 5 foot maeshowe is out of the quesiton.

With regard to the Twin either Alpair 10 or Alapir 7, what are the positives and negatives of twin drivers. I thought I read in comment to a twin Alpair 12 that the ideal listening position would be closer. Is this the case?
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The ideal position for any Twin (where both drivers are front firing) is far away giving a chance for the signal to merge.

You will get some reduction of vertical dispersion (a good and bad thing depending). Pluses are more cone area, so drivers are moving less with the bass which improves mid/top. 2 sets of drivers cost 2 x as much... but still 4 A7 <2 A12

Frugel-Horn Mk3 is also very good with A7 (and you don't need corners with the A7). (i'm awaiting go ahead from Scott to go to beta on this, we had the 2nd alphas playing at the event).

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.