DIY TV Speaker Suggestions

So I built this monster 9.1 system using mostly seas and 8-12" for the bass (I didnt want this must bass but I needed to cover an area so I figured what the heck). I use electronic active crossovers and many many channels of amplification. I love it.

But there is just one problem.

When I want to turn the TV for noise I have to turn on so many things that create noise and heat. I need something simple thats low heat but better then the awful sounding built in tv speakers. The lady influence wants me to buy bose because they are small and "sound ok"....yuck.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a 2 way (or maybe a full range) DIY that is small with decent sound for watching tv/movies? Your input is greatly appreciated!
I have been pondering using a pair of RS100T-8 with the Dayton DTA-1 for a "Sound Bar"/ TV shelf for my father.
In a small ported enclosure the RS100 can reach down to about 60hz which is fantastic for the application.

The only catch is that your TV must have variable level output with the built in speakers disabled.