DIY turntable

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I am interested in building my own turntable. However, I would like to know how a particular turntable has a certain sound.

For instance, the Linn Sondek LP12 is reputed to have a warm if not totally accurate sound, whereas the Michell Orbe possesses a very neutral sound.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be most appreciated.

there is a thread going on concerning a DIY TT. We are discussing there what makes a good TT from the engineering point of view and how we can use these insigths to build a TT with mostly DIY means.

We could end up with some device having similarities to several retail products or we could come up with something original. And then we try out how it sounds and if we like it.

Sonics are a question o taste, highly subjective.
Methinks, it is not a good idea to discuss sonics of existing retail products; could end up in crusading and flaming around. This done ad nauseam in forums like Vinyl Asylum, Analogue Addicts, etc. and i have experienced this particuarly with followers of the Linn religion. I would refuse to participate in such a discussion.

OTOH is it a very good idea IMO to discuss technical details and their influence on what is to be expected from a good TT in a physical way and possible influence on sonics.

For the record, i serviced Linn TTs for years, i know them well sonically. The TTs i have designed and/or built have not a faint similarity to a Linn Sondek.
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