DIY True Digital Amps

Hi all, I have been looking at starting a new amplification project for some time and I finally have the time now. I have previously built 2 Tripath amps, one for me and another much improved one for a friend. I love the sound once all the tweaks are in but the fact that it does not feature a digital input is limiting as I am experimenting with microprocessor based digital crossovers and want to build an all digital active speaker.

Does anyone have any experience with true digital amps (TacT Millennium etc) in a DIY capacity? There seem to be a few chips out there such as the Pulsus PS9604 ( which seems to operate at the resolution I am looking for (24 bit >= 96kHz) but I cant really find much about it. Mainstream manufacturers ( also seem to have products but most seem to be geared to integrated systems with emphasis on cost and gimmicky DSP instead of hi quality audio. Any suggestions or starting points?