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DIY Tripath Amp For Sale (TA0103A)

This is a working DIY amp based on a Tripath TA0103A evaluation board. The amp features a two-stage start-up (1st through an inrush limiter to the toroidal transformer and then with the limiter bypassed after 60s), a modded eval. board, over 20,000uF capacitance on each of the main rails, quality input jacks and speaker posts, etc.

This amp is incomplete in that I hadn't finished with all of the mods and experiments I wanted to do and I did not impliment the Mute function. The case is missing a few screws and there are no feet on the enclosure. I would not recommend this for a beginner DIY. I have not found any of the documentation for this amp but will ship some if I can find it. It is sold AS IS!! It is heavy and I would like to only ship (at cost) in the continental US. Check, USP Money Order, or PayPal. Looking for $200 OBO.

Thanks, Jeff

More info at: http://home.cfl.rr.com/entropy/Amp/Tripath_Amp.html


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