DIY summing ?

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Hi yall, im fairly new to this so bear with me now.

So far ive made a phono pre-amp and a gssl compressor, next in line is the filtrex filter. However all these have been made or will be made using labelled PCB's, which i have sent off for and have been reletavely easy to make.

To complete my set up I would love to build a summing box, ( that would be the icing on the cake ) as i produce DnB music, and strive for the phatt punchy sound. Any one with any ideas, of models to try please post up.

Ive searched this forum on ideas and PCB's but all i get is lots of confusing jargon ( to me anyway ) which leads me to ask, am i overshooting myself on this one, or is it possible for me to blag it like i blagged the ggsl and preamp.
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Here’s an attempt:


Filtrex filter:

summing box:

DnB music:

phatt punchy sound: when a sound has a particular quality of BIGNESS. A phatt sound is a sound that has a lot of prescence. A phatt sound should have bass to it for it to be considered phatt. ie:- a sound that has a lot of presence but occupies mainly the mid and upper frequencies can not be considered phatt! ie:- a screaming sync lead.

confusing jargon:


Sorry, couldn’t resist and it prevents me from getting old ;)

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Glad you didn't take my post too serious. ;)
Now lets hope for some reply although I'm not sure you'll get many as most of our members are more high-end oriented.
I'm not sure how to categorize your gear, DJ, pro, Musical instruments?
Provide some more details with less abbreviations and you might have more luck.

/Hugo :)
Sorry about the exhumation, but I have a newb question that I suspect might be related to this thread.

My beloved analogue mixer died a while back and I have been slowly and reluctantly moving into the box. I now have 16 channels of ADAT driven mic/line preamps in my main computer and the current setup consists of two computers and an external hard disk recorder.
I bought the SMPro MPatch 2 when I thought I`d just be needing two pairs of outputs to be controlled for final monitoring and of course now I am a pair short and also wondering what else I am likely to need to plug into my monitor chain.

I`ve a fair bit of experience on valve/tube gear building and used to do a fair bit of basic circuit assembly years ago, so not afraid of hacking something up.

Reading this and other similar threads, it seems to my uneduated eye that all I really need is a passive summing amp.

Would someone one here care to tell me if I am doing it all wrong going that way, or (hopefully since it will be a cheap route) endorse my thoughts?

All comments and suggestions gratefully received.

Ivan the elderly newb
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