DIY speakers for the pany dig recievers


2004-01-04 8:41 pm
Been searching for a while and have had a hard time finding a design that would match up with the panny digital recievers. MTM's are out due to the low impedance. The panasonics only have 80watts so you needs some effeciency (not sure how much?)

I think a three way design would be best. But can't seem to settle on a design.
I have used the XR55 with three speakers - low efficiency 2 way with RS225 and TB871, fullrange with CSS WR125, and fullrange with TB871. In all 3 applications the panny pushed them to satisfactory volumes, though I never REALLY pushed the big 2 way, as the setup was in a townhouse.

I would think anything over 6ohms, 84db should be fine. But then again tastes and rooms vary. Certainly anything a cheaper 'normal non-digital' receiver from sony, yamaha, denon, or pioneer can drive, the panny should. Most of these receivers don't come close to their rated power, and very few of them can drive a full complement of 4ohm speakers. The panny definately puts out more clean power than my pioneer 811s, or my friends' low-range yamaha and onkyo receivers into the speakers mentioned above.

Finally, not all mtms are 4ohm, some mtms use 16ohm drivers and end up with a 8ohm impedance. For example the some of the RAW HT series kits and some of the exodus audio kits.
JohnG, sorry I have no firsthand info on that, I should have read more carefully as the XR50 is the model I was using. AFAIK it reroutes power to the front channels when using 2 channel stereo - something most cheaper 'analog' recievers do anyhow IME, since they usually share a power supply between channels. Certainly not a deal maker/breaker for me.