DIY speakers based on B&W XT4 speaker drivers.. .HAVE A LOOK!

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Hi all,

Building a set of slim floor standers from B&W XT4 drivers found on ebay. The seller only had 3 of the 4 bass drivers, so I'll be building 'bass-light' (one tweeter, mid and bass driver in each enclosure).

Attached are pictures of my rough design, it's slightly tilted back to allow for dispersion (these will go in my mums kitchen, which means placement unfortunately will be entirely aesthetically lead!) Also a picture of the original B&W design the drivers were taken from.
Speaker Design.jpg
Speaker Design 2.jpg
Speaker Design 3.jpg
Ignore the wood, I'll be making this out of 12-18mm MDF and gloss-black finishing it.


1. Thinking of buying a wave guide, specifically this one:
Stage Line WG-300 Horn Front Attachment 110110

this is 169mm dia, I'd have to make the enclosure , but considering placement I think it'll do the sound a world of good, what do you guys think?
(note I also have access to a rapid prototype machine that produces parts in black ABS plastic, so I can easily have one made to fit the enclosure)

2. can somebody PLEASE recommend a good supplier and/or brand for crossover capacitors?

3. How do you suggest i fit the speaker cloth/cover? it has to have something, as there are a lot of young children around! I have 4 spare high strength magnets, was thinking of hiding these in the speakers and building a light steel frame for the speaker grill, what do you think?

4. Is it worth tilting these back? or shall i just make them into vertical towers?
(obviously it's extra work and I'm very time constrained!)

5. I was thinking of using some old sound isolation mat I have to separate the chambers, building them into separate boxes bolted together internally with the rubber mat to isolate them. Do you guys think this will make a noticeable difference to the sound? (bearing in mind I'm basically winging the design based on what my mum wants it to look like anyway, rather than strong calculations!)

Any general input will be greatly appreciated!

I know the design needs a lot more bracing, the rear will be ported and chambered for a lead-weighted base, I'll have to experiment with port lengths for the best sound. The whole housing will be stuffed to the brink with wadding ;)
Seeing as so many people have kindly contributed...

Any hints on crossover frequency?

The original design with 2 bass drivers crossed at 360hz, but obviously I am only using one, and the mid range is able to do bass anyway... so should I cross lower (so the bass does less work, as there's only one) or higher... as the mid is full range anyway and low crossovers need larger, more expensive components?
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