DIY speaker choice....

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Hello folks, I'm new to the list but have been into DIY hifi for some years now. I've just finished constructing dual monoblock JLH mosfet amps and a custom JLH pre-amp and am now searching for a reasonably priced (upto 700 dollars) DIY speaker with a full range and meduim sensitivity. I would prefer an 8 ohm design and the line array's out there such as the straight8's or Linus array look attractive but I'm concerned over the impedance demands they would place on the amps. Do any of the DIY experts out there have any suggestions? Many thanks. Nick
I originally had some active speakers designed by a guy called Jeff Macauley in the UK, they were published in ETI (electronics today international) some years ago and were quite amazing for the money (-3db at 35 HZ in a very small cabinet). I want to try something different so a good floorstander or line array looks attractive or even a transmission line. I have looked at the websites such as adire, madisound etc but I'm looking for some advice and or more information to the kits available. Many thanks.
if you get the drift of my recent posts i am temporarily sold on 2.5 ways using 8" and 6" with a tweeter in between or the SS 8545/8546/9900 2.5way MMT that is floating around.

There are many driver choices SS, Vifa, Audax, SEAS etc.

what are your needs big SPL, big bass, imaging, etc... and priorities?

One option is a TL bass, sealed midbass and tweeter again many driver choices given your budget.
just wondering...

tweeter: SS 9500 or 9900 depending on budget
midbass: SEAS Excel 18cm or SS 8545 or Vifa PL18
bass: SS 8546 or Focal glass woofer (with min 8mm one way linear Xmax)

bass on top of cabinet in TL
tweeter below bass
midbass below tweeter

midbass and tweeter in shallow box. TL goes behind the MT, then down to the bottom of teh box and out under the midbass.

anyone with good drg. skills?
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Linus Array

Jim Griffin's Linus Array (the whitepaper is a required read) is probably the most well developed line array in your budget range. He put a lot of thot into them and they have been getting good reviews.

I have used the midbasses in my toobz and have a set of the ribbons (or similar from Stryke). Used the ribbons in a prototype -- they work well.

My vote is for line arrays - hehe

I'd rather use raven or ESg ribbons
than those simple "Hi Vi" clones,
but Jim stated that it makes no difference, the little ones work well..
I guess I'm biased because I have
8 of those simple ribbons and find
them good sounding in an array
of 4 per side, but nothing pheonominal,
but at $30 each, you can't beat it really
if you seek line array......

The isodynamic drivers I like cost $600
each- LOL

yes, they are worth every cent
and I'm broke trying to buy 8 of them
for my project - hahahaha

audio is bad bad bad........
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