DIY: Source- Convoluted Foam

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The most common source of foam for lining the inside of a speaker cabinets is the local fabric store. If you live in a big city, then you can probably find places that specialize in supplying an assortment of foam to upholstery shops. Just one problem, it is never cheap.

However, being the cheapskate that I am, I think I have found an excellent source for an assortment of foam at very reasonable prices.

ULine - is a packaging warehouse supplier that specializes in various boxes, carts, scales, shrink wrap, misc supplies and ....low and behold....packing foam.

Here are some links -

Anti-Static Convoluted Foam Sets (pink) -

Since these are interlocking pairs (sets) of convoluted foam sheets, the thickness given is for both sheets. So 2" mean two 1" interlocking sheets of foam.

24" x 36" foam sheets (sets) are $9.95 got a box of 9 SETS. That is 108 Sq.Ft. of 1" convoluted foam.

Convoluted Foam Sets (charcoal colored -

Same as above, including price. But not 'anti-static'.

Soft Foam - (not convoluted) -

This is very soft foam available in small sheets or large rolls, in white or charcoal color. A 2 ft x 12 ft (24 SqFt) of 3" thick foam is $96, and 2 ft x 18ft (36 SqFt) of 2" foam is $72.

In combination with Poly batting, this could be a very non-toxic method for lining speakers.

Though I'm not sure exactly how it could be used, they also make Cellulose Wadding. This could work as long as you keep it dry.

Cellulose Wadding - Versa-Pak™, Kraft -™,+Kraft

Cellulose Wadding - Versa-Pak™, White -™,+White

Cellulose Wadding - Custom Wrap™ -™

Hey...I'm just passing it along.

Rock Wool and Semi-Ridged Glass Panels

I've also discovered another link to semi-ridged fiber glass panels in two densities.

These panels are much stiffer and denser than common house insulation. While stiff, they are not ridged, they are still quite flexible. They are also less likely to give off little splinters of glass fiber, and hold there shape better that house fiber glass. It's easier to cut, easier to handle, and holds it's shape nicely, plus it's dense and highly efficient at absorbing sound.

The are used primarily for making bass traps and acoustical panels, which is what this site makes. However, they have a do-it-yourself section with both Rock Wool and semi-ridged Fiber Glass panels.

The high density (705) glass panels are a little expensive, but he lower density (703) panels which I'm sure would work fine, are not cheap but reasonably priced.

ATS Acoustics -

Of course, now that I know precisely what to search for (or ask at the lumber yard) I might be able to find it for a lower price.

If I were going to build new speakers, I would probably cover the insides with an inch or so of this, then seal that in with a nice layer of polyester batting.

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