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For Sale DIY project (Fo-felix + soekris + 3255EVM), crown 1502, AKITIKA phono

Things you have for sale.
Free items that ill include with every purchase listed in the following posts. for my feedback on ebay, reddit, audiokarma and audiocircle message me but if you are not ok with fnf dont message me.

1 - Integrated amplifier DIY project (AC line filter + Soekris R2R DAC with its own lienar power supply + volume control in digital domain + TI 3255EVM with its own switching power supply)
all in one box $299 for everything in the pics conus (you will not beleive the weight) with zelle or paypal fnf or venmo. there will be no guarantees for anything sold for parts.
The red signal wires are neotech super expensive wire. I built this some years ago and tested everything except the line filter. so I know its all good but i am selling for a fraction of the cost of the parts so there will be no guarantee or after sales service. I'll try my best to secure everything for shipping but there will be no expressed or implied guarantee. The speaker binding posts are also very nice. I was very impressed with them. The holes in the back plate are all hand drilled and messy. not pretty. The gauges in the front work beautifully. this is a video of an earlier version before I added the DAC but it shows the gauges

2 - CROWN 1502 barely used $275 with CONUS shipping on me fnf

3 - akitika phono pre amp. here is info: https://www.akitika.com/PhonoPreamp.html

built with highest level of care. all wires and components are fancy. here are pictures and proof of ownership: price: $200 shipped fnf

4 - Dayton Audio EMM-6 Electret measurements microphone $35


other stuff

1 - 4x Bob cordell LM3886 board built
2 - antek 15v + 15v
3 - dick butt LM3886 pcb
4 - salas sslv 1.3 3x pcb
5 - raspberry pi3
6 - some other ****
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