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DIY Professional Class-H PCB Group Buy


2010-10-17 10:22 am


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2010-10-17 10:22 am


Happy New Year To All

Good News...

PCB price now is 23US$ Each, I got this price now

So, 2 PCBs will cost 46US$, Exclude Shipping costs.

Hope this is better price. Unless we increase the quantity we get 2~3 US$ lower

PCB is 37CM x 13CM

If this price is better, we can run the groupbuy
What is going on with this? Are you going to do it?

If not, would you share the PCB, power specs, and parts list with me, and I will have them made... I'll make extras for those who already want them, and free to the original poster.

We are finished with our newest speaker rig, have an install to do, and big possible clients coming to listen. We want to customize the amps too, as a selling point and a way to keep everything in our hands... so we kinda gotta get the ball rolling.


I will lead the groupbuy.Everybody who wants boards give me your nickname and how many boards you need.I will make a PDF file wich will be updated.The people that already has sign in please contact me by mail to confirm this if it still stands.Everybody ordering boards please mail me also your adress so I can look how much the shipping costs are.
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