diy proac studio 100s

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Hi Guys, I've been looking around for a bit, and this is my first post. I'm wondering if anyone has attempted a clone of the studio 100s... it would seem as if you could get close, due to simplicity of design/scan-speak drivers, square box, etc. I would be using these mostly for monitoring application. What do you guys think?
The only thing you would have to buy from ProAc would be the MidWoofer. They had it slightly modified and the Scanspeak 18W/8542 isn't the exact one. They are available from the ProAc rep at slightly more per pair shipped than at Madisound.

You can buy the tweeter at Madisound direct and the crossover and cabinet aren't complicated!

I think you could build them for less than half their cost new and with a few tweaks they will sound even better!

Good luck!

Hi B.L.,

So how do they sound compared to the originals?

Nice job! Did you compensate anything on the crossover for the slight differences in the midwoofers? I wasn't sure whether the tweeters were Scanspeak or Seas. By the time you finished them what percentage of retail price did they cost you?

What info do you find conflicting?
I briefly read trough that thread and there is a picture of original crossover with parts specs and proposed modification with SS tweeter and different network. The cab dimmension should be in pdf file which I did not open. The owner of the modified speaker liked the outcome and commented only positive changes like fuller midrange without a touch of dryiness and better highs.
Yees the Vifa XT25 (and XT19) are great tweeters. If you look through Troels designs there are some that use this tweeter and also other designs that use the SS 8452 midwoofer. You may be able to combine the 2 parts of each corresponding crossover to get close to what you are looking for. I think you may need to do a bit of work on your own part to achieve what you desire. The cabinet dimensions and port tuning are already done for you.
Hey there!

I am aware that this thread is kinda ancient but hope I am still lucky to get some answers here.
I have owned a pair of Proac Studio 1 MK2s and then wanted to attempt building the Studio 100s. So now I have some ScanSpeak 18W/8542-10 and Seas 27TFFC chassis laying around, cabinets are built (although not yet flush mounted) and I tried to assemble the crossover several times. I think I have the right values and did the crossover like this:


I also found this picture of a S100 crossover and have noticed that Tweeter - is different here.


So: tuning is completely off and I don't know why. Any ideas or suggestions what the problem might be? I don't think it's the flush mounting, neither the slightly different version of the woofer (-10 instead of -00). And is the Studio 100 really that bass light or is that also part of my wrong tuning?

Thanks a lot!

Crossover is not assembled at the moment but I did it the same way as followed:


2 x Solen Cap 4.7uF 400V
1 x Solen Cap 2.2uF 400V
1 x Expotus 9W 4.7Ohms
1 x 1.7mH High Power Ferrite Core Audio Inductor
1 x 0.3 mH High Power Ferrite Core Audio Inductor
all ordered from Falcon Acoustics

baffles are 404 x 202mm ; 241mm deep and made of 19mm MDF

about 10mm bitumen to every side and 30mm foam for damping

bass ports are 50mm internal diameter, cut to 130mm

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