DIY Proac Center speaker

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hi all,

Does anyone tried to adapt the Proac 2.5 clones design to a center speaker ?
Proac has the CC1 wich i think uses very similar drivers to 2.5

I am realy interested in doing this but i dont know what to do in the crossover area....
What do i need to do to adapt the design in order to use 2 woofers?


I distribute scan-speak drive unit in sweden and there is screened versions of both 18w/8535 and d2010/8513 availible but at higher costs. Im not sure though if they are availible to the diy market the 8513s is quite pricey...

in essence i mean stick with the original design just use screened drivers..

Proac Response CC One

hi all,

i have successfully finished my proac response 2.5 clones some weeks ago. i am very happy with them.

now i am searching for information about the proac response cc one center speaker.

i have found a french site with a clone suggenstion. but they are using an other tweeter. but i want clone the original proac response cc one center as close as possible!

does anybody know:

1. which drivers are used? i think the tweeter is the same as used in the proac response 2.5 clones.

2. crossover layout?

3. size and position of port?

kind regards from Vienna, Austria

CC One again

I think you are right about the tweeter. It can be seen well on this picture. Tips for the woofer anyone?



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I bet for Seas too. Here is another picture, maybe this will help.

We have the dimensions: 445mm long x 178mm wide x 192mm deep = ~15 litres

We know that the tweeter is Scan-Speak D2010/8513-00 (or looks very similar :) ).

We know that we have to look for a "five inch magnetically shielded carbon-filled polypropylene unit with phase plug" which has 89dB sensitivity for 1 watt at 1 metre.



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Hi all,

I think I have found den used mis/bass speaker for the Proac CC One Center:

it could be a Seas WP 140 S

I only have German information:

* 8 Ohms
* 89 dB (1W, 1 m)
* Vas = 18 litres
* diameter 14 cm
* magnetically shielded
* filled polopropylene membrane
* to be used for center speakers in bass-reflex enclosures from 6 - 10 litres

The speakers used in the CC One Orignala show a phaseplug. I think that is a special version manufactured by SEas for Proac. I think the phaseplug is not so important.

See enclosed data sheet.

Any comments or suggenstions?

Has anyone an idea for the X-over? I think we can use the tweeter part of the X-over of the Proac 2.5 clone. But with modified resistor for tweeter level adjustment.

But I do not have a lot of experience for the X-over for the bass/mid unit (the Seas WP 140 S).

Has anybody information about the size of the replex port?

Kind regards,



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Hello with all ;)
For a perfect coherence with proac 2.5, I advise you
same filtering as the 2.5 but with a tweeter XT25 or OWI hiquphon.
The OWI would be excellent without change of filter but I do not know if there exists in armoured version. One cannot thus have the S2010 version it is necessary found another tweeter.

For the CCTWO, it is intended for the proac 3.5 and I find that CCone is not very coherent with the proac 2.5.
best would be to make a proac 2.5 in power station by putting another armoured tweeter which would approach D2010, I can make you a filter with an armoured XT25 because I have this at the house and I can measured ;)

Hi Mezzo,

Is there a shielded version of the XT25 tweeter? On the DST site I found XT25TG30-04 only, which is not shielded.

What should I change on the original (I mean clone of course :)) crossover to use with XT25?

I saw the plans of the ProAc 2.5 Center on the Audioclone site. Is that box big enough for the 18S/8535-00 woofer?

The XT25SG version armoured wind at madisound ;) Limps of the center proac 2.5 of my site and optimized with the vent granted for the 18w8535.
It is quite obvious that the power station will go down less
in the low registers than the column proac 2.5 but the central
enclosure will be declared in small on the digital amplifier dolby
with redirection of the low register in the subwoofer.

I tested the original filter with the XT25 and that goes less although with D2010, it is necessary to re-examine filtering.
I disadvise the filter series which I made because it is adapted more to the proac 2.5 series than I currently use, but if you have the filter of the clone proac 2.5 original, it is necessary to re-examine the filtering acute of the clone, to have a curve identical to D2010 and that it is feasible ;)
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