DIY PJ or Infocus X1?

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I'm trying to decide if I should build a unit and go through all the hassle of calibrating it (I don't mind building it).

My other option is to buy an Infocus X1.

Here are my concerns with each:



Its cheaper
Can build it to whatever specs I would like
No hushbox is required because its already quiet
Possibly better image quality than the X1
Cheap to fix if something goes wrong


Difficult to resell
No S-video or component inputs (for video game systems and TV)
Not sure if image quality is better than the X1

IF X1:


Easier to set-up (plug and play with minor calibrations)
S-video input with Faroudja deinterlacing (easy to use and high quality)
More attractive
MUCH easier to resell
Possibly better image quality


More expensive
Would have to build a hushbox (too loud)
Expensive to repair if things go wrong (90-day warranty)
Possibly worse image quality


As you can see I don't buy into DIY PJs blowing the X1 out of the water... I've heard nothing but good things about the unit. And I love the DLP technology. But who knows... I won't be able to tell until I see the two side-by-side (most likely won't happen).

Also, I don't care about bulb life/price. I'd sell the X1 long before it hit 3000 hours.

Your thoughts?

For reference, if all goes as planned my DIY PJ will cost less than $300. The X1 costs about $600, but I could resell it for about $500 probably (won't keep it for more than a year).

What are you doing here?:D

Your $300.00 budget, while you can probably get away with a decent 5" based on a psone screen with a max size of 60-65" (4:3) needs to balloon to at least $600-700 (the cost of a refurb 4805) before you can get acceptable video quality at 100" or more.

I have a Sharp A10X XGA lcd projector with 450:1 contrast ratio. Its fine for HT use but it suffers like all lcd displays from low contrast, whereas higher contrast only available with a dlp or crt. I have personally demoed my pj vs a lumenlab pj and while the picture is smoother, here are the shortcomings:

*larger and heavier in size
*contrast no different
*needs a htpc to be most effective ie not plug and play like the X1
*generates more heat
*closer throw due to no zoom capability, almost 1:1 ratio of screen width to distance

Come back to the <3.5 forum yahmon, come back......:angel:

Yes the DIY projector will be cheaper and you can build it to whatever specs. You probably won't need a hush box but you might have to deal with light leaking issues while the x1 is a sealed box.

I have a hard time believing that a DIY projector using an lcd with a contrast of probably about 450:1 can beat a 2000:1 dlp.

A DIY is much easier to fix if something goes wrong and an x1 repair could be very expensive.

Many projector panels have s-video inputs or component inputs and some people use boxes that convert video to vga.

Be careful which model of x1 you buy as the newer x1a's do not feature the faroujda deinterlacing and as far as I know neither do the x2's.
My X1 just went out of warranty, right before the color wheel started grinding like a chainsaw. It's the worst sound ever, like fingernails on a chalkboard. Infocus charges over $550 to repair it :(

This unit only has 2000 hours on it, out of warranty and loud.

There is no way a hushbox would solve this noise.

You can buy a refurb for just a little more and get a $300 bulb...

It feels like a ripoff. That's why I'm thinking of building my own DIY.
After the bulb burns out, I might try it.

DLP is a different beast, and the color wheel is what's making the noise anyway. (actually I think it's the motor bearing.)

the X1 does have a pretty picture (with the 4805 firmware), but there's a reason there are literally thousands of refurbs for sale everywhere. (with 90 day warranties).

I don't really want a disposable projector. Maybe eventually they will sell the part so I can fix it myself. I read on avsforum that the part only costs a few dollars.
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