DIY Ottawa Fall Meet

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As per the advice of the wise Tyler!

Here is the new thread to get interest up on the next DIY Audio event.

The time for the information meeting to plan the next event is:

October 30th 1:30PM Eastside Marios Huntclub and Merivale.

Purpose is to setup and discuss the next DIY Audio event for Ottawa.

Post your yeah or nay.

So far we have seven people that have committed.

And of course what good would an event like this be without a little young blood. :) Count me in, i THINK i will be bringing a friend this time as well. So i counts as two! I'z Special :p

Edit: I left that last line open for you Mark, i figured its a tasty morsel you can't avoid.
I'm sorry. I lied.:Pinoc: I can't make it to the lunch this Sat. I forgot about a U of T thing for my son on Saturday and can't slither my way out of it. I will more than likely be fine with whatever is decided regarding our next GTG and promise to make every effort to attend.

If it matters, I vote for the same location as the last one and some time in November (if we do a fall event). If the decision is to wait until next year, anything but the last two weeks of April is good for me. Have fun.:cheers:
I should have at least acknowledged before this...sorry. Before the lunch gathering was proposed, I'd already arranged to take my son out for his birthday (which is that day) as per his request, followed by a get-together with some relatives.
At best, I might try to stop in, but probably not stay, if we happen to be traveling to that part of town at the right time.

I am disappointed about the scheduling conflict. I particularly wanted to get a chance to talk to Owen about the Moskido.
However, I'm still on board for a future get-together. I really enjoyed the last one!

Have fun,
Location of last meeting was ok for me & I don't have an alternative location to suggest. LIke ripcard, I expect a November meeting would work; if not November, we're probably best to put off till next year (I wouldn't count on a good turnout for December).
FYI, I do not typically have a strong preference for either Saturday or Sunday, but my recollection is that some "possibles" couldn't do Saturday last time

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.