DIY Omni-Directional Bluetooth small "Boombox" for Tunity/bar sports radio?

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So now that I've discovered the Android/iPhone app called "Tunity", I can "scan" the TV's at my local bar/pool hall and my phone will start playing the audio for that particular TV channel. Even has built in syncing capability for the audio. Now I can listen to my sports event at the bar while the overhead speakers play the bar's rock & roll!

So now I'm looking for ideas on a very portable, omni-directional bluetooth speaker for my phone to carry with me. Something kind of like the attached picture. But a bit larger and more capable.
Deep bass not necessary, but it would be nice if it could handle occasional rock music in addition to being able to get loud enough to be heard over the bar's overhead speakers blasting away.

Any suggestions?
I'm thinking a budget of $75 (speakers & electronics) should work well for most people.


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I just remembered that I've got a pair of Faital Pro's laying around.
So I'm going to probably make a box like what you see in the pic below.
It'll fit nicely in the middle of the bar counter where I usually play darts at.
Will probably make some cigarette and beer holders along its outside perimeter. hahah

This Bluetooth amp I'm considering is way overkill.
But oddly enough it's hard to find options from sellers based in the USA.
I don't feel like waiting three weeks for something to ship from China.
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Thanks, I'm having fun so far.
Still considering enclosure type options.
Will probably go with sealed in 6" PVC.
But I'm worried the batteries and digital amp will get too hot.
On the flip side, I'm worried about size if I go ported.

Consider the budget blown, fully blown.
Accessories from Amazon in pic below are now on the way.
Crap, I forgot to buy a volume knob though.


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Yeah, trying to do a boom box on a budget is wasting time. There's no way we can get as small and as cheap as the commercial offerings.

I bought a UE Mini Boom recently and it has exceeded my expectations. So much sound coming from such a small package.

I know exactly what you're saying but at the same time it's still nice to have something that you've made yourself and it's no harm to practice your skills.
Teaser pic of the upcoming Hole Saw Hero's.

Btw, I read SOMEWHERE, that it is possible to add a cap or something between the left & right channel. The results would increase top end sparkles and smooth out off-axis response. I think it may have been Wolf who posted it.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
I can't find it now. And I need to make my off-axis response as good as possible.
Turns out the Aurasound NS3 are not known for off-axis response.


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The first try was a total failure.
I messed up my dimensions somehow and ended up with an enclosure somewhere about 0.02 cu.ft. tuned to ~90hz.
Either my efforts at making the stereo Line Level signal mono or the cheapy digital amp sucked, or my use of capacitors was incorrect. More likely it was a combo of all the above, especially the enclosure size.
Bass is very congested and almost sounds like the driver is blown (it's not).
Tell you what though, it pushes some air even at 10 watts. I quickly found air escaping under the driver mounting location. Got that one leak sealed up but it all still sounds awful. :)

Anyways, since I'm going to build an entirely new enclosure, I was hoping someone could give me some advice on the smallest possible vented enclosure that will sound good out in an open space, down to about 80hz.
I mean, .1 cu.ft. is too large. hahah, I really need to get as close as possible to .03 cu.ft.
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The smallest possible enclosure with deep bass is a passive radiator box. That is what all the commercial offerings use to keep size small. You can't beat it as no vent is needed but it acts like a vented box. The added mass on the PR lowers the fs as if the volume was bigger and vent longer. Jawbone actually mount the LiPo battery on the PR membrane to serve as added mass. Look for a PR with maybe double your driver Sd. Or use two smaller PR's. Requires modeling and only way I know is to use Akabak.
Forego the filters and try it with a cellphone , using one of those free music players that include an EQ.

Thank you, but when I'm with friends at the pool/darts pub, they will want to connect to the boombox to play their favorite tunes as well. :)

The smallest possible enclosure with deep bass is a passive radiator box.

Yikes, yes I would agree somewhat.
But unfortunately I don't think a passive radiator will work for my particular current build. :)

Thanks, folks!
Right now I've upped my size to 1.5 liters (0.05 cu.ft.) tuned to 70hz.
It's larger than I want for the current purpose, but.... ugh.
Will probably start cutting holes today or tomorrow.
The failed build...
Yes, the port obstruction attributed to some of the failure. :)

Also not super happy with the stain.
I wanted a nice bright red, kind of like the old Onix Rocket speakers like you see in the third pic.


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