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I want to build a set of near field monitors for a project studio. I have been reading these forums and have not found a whole lot of info on building a very flat, efficient speakers that are compact. I'd llike to build a two way speaker system with a good flat responce down to about 40Hz. Keep in mind these speakers will be fairly close to the listener--just about arms reach-- so they dont have to be loud. Any help would be great I really dont know where to start as far as driver selection. I have build a few speakers in the past but nothing of the caliber I want for monitors. In effect this will be my first "from scratch" Hi-Fi speaker.

Thats going to be the real limiting factor. I could maybe spend $250 on the pair right now ( gf wants me to build a set of shelves, and finish the tile table--I also dabble in fine furniture) Would that get me a set of decient 5" or 6" drivers and a pair of tweeters and the components for the crossovers?
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Re: Jordan JX92

swirv said:
I went back to your site and read about Rick Shultz's take on the Jordan JX92 in a TL. Man, those things are huge.

Bigger than need be... we actually removed a whole section of his because he found a better way. He is currently working on a new design (and article he is hoping to get into audioXpress).

The Jordan design is at the bottom of the page -- just make the dotted lines solid.

The project....

I have just found a new amp...sorta...
The amp I've been using to power my modded LX5's (and that would have powerd these monitors) is 32 YEARS OLD!! but--not a good old amp. It's a Lafayette LR-1500TA solid state reciver circa 1971-72. I didnt pay anything for it so Im not heart broken about its poor detail. (mayby sub amp for these??) The amp I "found" was sitting in my gf's bedroom. Its the amp section of an old GE Performance Sound II console TV. I hooked the speaker outs of the TV's amp to my LX5's and wow. I will continue this post in the Solid State Forum...I may want help extracting the amp from the tv... it has some nice sounding 2 way 6x9's in it that may be used in a nother project..

Thanks again Dave for your sugestions... I may look into a more modest project for a first time deal...
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