DIY MKIII Based design

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Hi all well I,m just about to the test stage on my projector.Its along the lines of The DIY MKIII with A Few subtle changes.My Light source is from a Hanimex slide projector as I cant afford the Halide yet. Sharp QA-1150 panel unstripped.Fresnel from my old Overhead.I found a Triplet Lens here in Australia from a supplier in Sydney. $45 ncluding postage its a 80mm triplet, focal length 330mm.Should arrive next week.I,m Painting the outside of the cabinet Metalic Silver and fitting nickel plated hinges to dolly it up a bit. I used two 12 volt DC fridge fans for cooling (I,m in the appliance repair trade) I,ve wired a power board off the transformer on the 230 volt side and run the 24Volt halogen on the other side.I,ve wired a isolating switch to the light but left the fans running continuously as soon as plugged in for safety and cooling.I,ve tried fitting the heat glass but it tends to dull the light out put to the fresnel?? not sure what to do there.I fired it up the other day with the panel inside and the image on the mirror is reall bright so I,m hoping once the lens is fitted it will project a half decent image.Images to follow soon
Not Happy

Yep would be if it worked fired up the projector tonight as the lens arrived:) I cant yield an image its crap.I,m not sure what to do I,m using a joined fresnel and have the projection panel sitting directly on it unstripped the image is bright on the mirror but all I can get is about 6 inches on the wall:mad: .
I know I,m only using a slide projector light source but surely I should get more than that.The lens is a triplet 330mm f/l.I,m trying to post a picture but not having much luck.
Sorry Try These





Bought a larger mirror today to cover more area but all it seems to do is project a image of soughts to the floor.

The three condenser lens have been removed swapped around you name it but still no difference.

The fresnel has a bit of of a bow in it would that be a major?
Oh Noooooo!

I dont beleive it I spent alot of today taking the advice modified the light and mirror took the top off the panel mounted the control on the out side of the projector case so as to fit better inside.I fired it up and wow got a huge display I was stoked.

Put a DVD on and lost the projector display I just went WHAT THE!

I think I mave have cooked the Panel??????

I really dont Know unhooked it let it cool down put the top back on tried again nothing I get power but just a thin white line across the display no response from any of the buttons NOTHING

The only thing different is I,m running the pc monitor at the same time could that have an effect??? mind you tried it without it two:bawling:
Ohhh why me

I double checked every thing today including my Cable its the original checked it pin to pin with a meter everything was fine the screen comes up slightly blue and flickers and when it was working the red power led would stay on and a green led but that doesnt happen now almost like its not getting a signal?The control side has no response at all.Just dont get it the only different thing I did was remove the top to fit it in the projector case and had the control on the outside.

What do you hook up to the A/V video in side obviously not a DVD as that doesnt work is that for VCR or what? maybe I could try another source to eliminate signal?I had it running long enough to get the windows screen on comp say 5 mins put a dvd in and wham gone

My luck has to change I have posted so many disasters on here and cant bare the dissapoinment on my 4 year olds face when I tell him its not quite ready:(
hmmm I wonder

Well the A/V side doesnt work but that doesnt tell me a lot as I tried that when I first bought it and it didnt work then either.

Had a thought though when I screwed the pcb control panel on the outside of the projector I put three screws through the existing holes of the pcb straight through the sides of the heres the kicker the inside of my projector has been lined with sheet stainless steel for heat purpose,s and the screws would have touched the metal of that steel could this be what has shorted the pcb and if so is it pointless pursuing any further:smash:
not likely as the screw holes on the boards are meant to be grounded to prevent static discharge. BUT i am not an expert :(

Have you checked for power coming into the unit?
Any fuses?
Smell the boards for a burnt smell, it may be 1 small component.

Hope this helps a little :cool:
Nah reckon your right worth a thought though.

Its definitley got power buddy and like I said it does flicker on the LCD panel a blueish colour.

I spose I might as well rip it apart and really investigate looked at the top half with a magnifying glass but not under the circuit boards.

Now this is getting weird

I decided to strip the panel completely i pulled out all the harnesses the LCD and went over all the wires and circuit boards with a magnifying glass (literally) could see nothing wrong put it back together and thought hey I,ll try it one more time (just for giggles) Before I put it on Ebay as is of course

The freakin thing worked I left it running in the projector with a movie on for 20 mins untouched didnt want to chance it :wink:

Then all of a sudden the lcd screen started to go real bright starting at the edges and then nothing just bright white

Turned it off and on but nothing its not getting hot just feels warm.

Ponder that one if you will
something is definately overheating.
what are you using to cool the lcd?
is your control board getting any of the bulbs light?
It may be overheating the board and not the lcd.
I had a sharp qa-1650 that did that, all i did was cover the control board and it was fine.

Keep us updated as to what you find.


Jiggle the handle (wires)! LOL :D

I Ran the panel out side of the projector with no light source to see what would happen (panel isnt stripped) it ran for 15 mins before it faded out again,so I,m still thinking overheat but what I dont know. The cooling fan in the panel is running whether its fast enough or not? I,m not sure thinking maybe a component on one of the boards? mind you they are still in the panel case My other option I guess would be to try stripping panel and ditching the cooling fan for a bigger 230 volt cylinder fan e:g like the cooling fans you find in ovens. To get it repaired I think would be more than what the panel is worth assuming they even had parts in Australia? Even finding one to buy is hard enough:(
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