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It is well know that most South American inhabitants like to drink a beverage called Mate. The name obeys to the device in which the beverage is offered, and also in the name of the vegetable from which the sheets are used to prepare it. I also listened some time ago that some other cultures started enjoy mate during the last Olympic games here in Buenos Aires.

My old mate got leaky as it was made of wood and aluminum, and the constant humidity and the organic juices corroded the aluminum coverage, and so, started to leak. Then, with some things I have at hand, I made my own glass mate with a piece of copper tubing and a yogurt cup. Here is the result.


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Thanks! I've learned something new! :lickface:

Principally yerba contains significant quantities of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals which may be beneficial to health.

This site explains it all to anyone in the UK who may be looking for a mate!

Yerba Mate Tea an Importand and Traditional South American Infusion

The following accessories are associated with the drinking of the herbal tea:

  • yerba mate tea leaves
  • mate - a cup that is commonly made from a gourd, wood, ceramic, metal or horn
  • flask to keep your water hot or cold
  • bombilla - a straw to filter out the tea leaves. You will need one!
The brand "Amanda" Mate, made me chuckle for a second.
A man t'mate

So, I am curious what this tastes like (I have to admit to being very narrow minded, but mostly so in regards to Tea)

Now I've discovered it, I enjoy African grown coffees more than South American - some have a delightful Treacle like after taste.

Assam is probably my preferred black tea.

Green tea I find repulsive.

I am very tempted to buy some Mate, out of curiosity- I just hope it isnt like Geeen Tea, red Bush or I may not appreciate its qualities.
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No, the taste of yerba mate is different from tea.

Some people like asecond way of the infusion, called "mate cocido" that consists in boil water with yerba inside a kettle, for example, and then, let it cool a bit and then, drink the juice resultant. But still so, the taste is different from tea. And lacks the capacity of "share" the mate time between friends.

Amanda is one of the brands, but thre are several of them, usually different in their procedures, and then, with different tastes.

Coca Cola made some years ago, a carbonated drink based in yerba mate that they clled "nativa", but was unsuccessful, and stopped it.
The first time I tried the stuff it was the smoke dried had a slight tobacco’ish
taste I found rather pleasant which is surprising because I’ve never found much pleasant about tobacco in any other form.
Since then I’ve tried ‘eco teas’ unsmoked Yerba mate and even though still good I seem to like the smoked better.
Not smoking it! Smoke Dried........something must have got lost in translation ;)

Have you never had the smoke dried version?

Edit......I can’t even find the smoked for sale online, it was over 20 yrs ago when I had it and I recall reading something about the process causing it to be carcinogenic.......did it get outlawed?
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