DIY isodynamic headphones?

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I am just building a pair of isodynamic headphones using these. My drivers are AKAI 4IT-SM3G, but they are identical to Sawafuji SZ-2T. They are 8 ohms and have closed back magnet. I bought four of them, disassembled, and used the perforated magnets at both sides, so I made two from four. The shell is a hearing protector. They sound great. I will publish pictures.
Hey oshifis,

I'd love to see pictures!

I'm still looking for a good source of planar magnetic drivers...

..while looking at vintage stuff, I'd like to have a more stable source, so I can build a series and make for friends.

Please do send images of the drivers disassembled?? And your thoughts on the results??

Exciting! :)

Hi Odd,

I assembled and listened to the headphones. The trebles are a bit accented, I would say it is best for rock music :eguitar:. This is just an experiment how they sound in a closed shell. The driver is widely available in my country for about 1 EUR. Here are some links that might be interesting:

ÁRWILL ELEKTRONIC elektronikai alkatrész kis- és nagykereskedés - 4IT-SM3G, magassugárzó
DIY-HIFI-Forum - Einzelnen Beitrag anzeigen - Entwicklungsbericht Mobb Deep - Eine etwas andere 3-Wege-Box
1 Paar Bändchenhochtöner Sawafuji SZ-2T ! TOP !!!!!!!!! | eBay
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Pictures will come, just need some time.
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As promised...


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And I recommend you this option Handmade Monitoring Isodynamic Planar Magnetic Headphones 7 Ohms Kiev Ukraine | eBay After this headphones evaluation, I've ended up with idea, that in their price range, it's almost doesn't have competitors.

Good resolution, usual for orthodynamic models, here combined with good sensitivity, allowing to use this headphones with non-HiEnd sources. But on good DAC, this headphones reveal themselves even better.

I've liked them very much with my usual "entry-level" DAC/amp Audinst HUD-MX2

Bass is good, it's very well controlled, he's punchy, but have enough resolution for most genres.

Mids are nice, they does have all emotions and necessary details. They can be somewhat harsh, but in this price range it's really nit-picking.

Highs are detailed and go up really high. They aren't fatiguing and not sibilant.
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