out of business???

agalavotti said:
Hi Friends,
someone succeded in contacting Nico Thevissen at ?.

I've sent several e-mails asking for spare parts ( grommets, clampers...) but no answer.

Any advice where to find spare parts for this kit?

Thank for your feedback


Hi Alessandro,

Nico Thevissen is in business yet, I have ordered a CD Transport three months ago, he replies my first e-mail and no other e-mail.

He was very quickly taking my money, but I am waiting my CD player unit, three months ago !!

This is the worst service I have get on years. :mad:

be careful and aware if you place an order ! :mad:
my exp


As I remember when i join diyaudio com
the first thing i look is CD2 Pro but after
try some email there is no reply

after i think in the long way
maybe we can have a superb player
but how the after sales service ?

I think we not buy a disposable cd player
dont you see "This site was updated may-10th -2007"
And I think Philip the CD maker is a BIG COMPANY
So why they must care for us? who buys peace by peace

hey why not you join the shigaclone CD ?