DIY GTG Eastern Oklahoma OCT...

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I'm attempting to gauge interest in/coordinate a small DIY gathering at my place outside of Checotah, Ok.

Tenative Date is October 23, 2010.

We will have the run of my family's vacation home on Lake Eufaula.

I believe we can set up 2 listening areas in the house. ( at opposite ends, through a couple of doors, on different floors....).

I do not have enough gear to set up 2 systems, so your gonna have to bring stuff to show off.

I will be listing this on several forums.

I will need folks to RSVP on attendance, so I can get out directions, coordinate stuff, etc.

Anybody want to come over and play?

Just to "Bump" this, and to add a little more info....

The system I'll have set up downstairs:

A KT88 SET integrated amp.

Playstation as source.

DallasII BLH's as speaker.

I have a small tv monitor for the playstation, DIY interconnects, and DIY speaker cables ala the 6 Moons White Lightning Moonshine cables.

The amp has 2 inputs, so if someone wants to bring a TT ( sadly mine's still not resurected )and a phono pre, or a digital front end of some flavor....

I expect/hope we get to roll in and out other equip. whatever you'all bring.

The upstairs system, should we decide to split it up is TBA.

To those who were interested in coming to the DIY gathering posted here, your going to get a second chance.

Things fell apart this week, what with illness, job interviews out of state, weddings, etc. nearly all the " I'll be there's " have had to back out this week.

I'm not the kind to give up easily though, so lets have some input on when to reschedule this shindig.

Do we wait 'til after football season is over?

I'm hoping for suggestions as to when you-all will be able to come.

I'm going to check on the availability of the house with the family Matron, she's been planning some work, and waiting for this little deal to pass before starting.

I'm truly disappointed it didn't work out, but feel that there was plenty of interest and we need to plan on a better date for the ones who desire to attend.

I need input folks....

Things have been progressing at a frenetic pace since postponement yesterday.

We are looking at rescheduling for a Saturday anywhere from late Jan. to early Mar.

If you are interested, post here or over at Techtalk ( same thread title ) on your opinion regarding an amenable date to try again.

Gentle people, I'm home for a " One Night Stand", and I've had a couple of days on the road to cogitate.

I'm going to throw a couple of dates out for comment/vote/whatever. I cannot guarantee either date until I check the schedule with my Matriarch.

January 29th '11 ( with proper sacrifices to the weather gods to ensure safe travel...), or February 26th '11. Other suggestions are welcome if these dates do not suit.

Again, this is for comment/discussion. I would like to get a date nailed down as early as possible so I can reserve the building.

I'll be back out on the road tomorrow, and will check in again this weekend.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.