DIY FM Tuner?

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I'd like to build a DIY FM Stereo Tuner. Can anyone recommend a source for plans, or even better, a kit? I'd prefer to build a tube project

I've searched around on the net for a few days now, without any luck. Doesn't anyone listen to the radio anymore?

Thanks, and Happy DIYing! -GroundLoop

Thanks for the pointer to the Velleman kit! I'm going to do some more reading on it.

I'm am on a tube kick, however. I've had some really bad luck with OpAmps of late. Trying to build a CMoy Head phone amp, but I've been unable to debug the little bugger. I thought a tube project would be a nice change!

I built the Velleman a couple of years ago, and I'd certainly recommend it. Although it's about as complex as you'd expect a stereo tuner to be, the instructions are mostly pretty clear and the finished article not only looks and feels like a professional product, but also sounds good.

I hot-rodded mine by replacing the electrolytic coupling caps with polypropylenes, adding a separate power supply for the analogue output stages and sticking on a balanced output stage. These mods definitely lift the sound quality to something pretty special (though I haven't listened to the balanced output properly yet).

The only problem I had with the tuner as originally supplied was a tendency to lose the station tunings once every few months, although I suspect that this was mostly a problem with my domestic AC supply.

My tuner is, unfortunately, out of action right now as an attempt to further upgrade the power supplies left the tuner un-tunable. Since other projects kept getting in the way, I bought a cheap Denon tuner which doesn't sound nearly as good, but I'll get it back on the road again some time soon.

Try Hart Electronics in the UK

Yeah, give these guys a go. The carry a John Linsley-Hood design, which I think is available as a kit. (Geoff will appear shortly to put me straight)

Don't have a web address for them but I suspect that there is a link from Geoff's (The Class-A Amplifier Site)

Good luck comrade!
Back in 1992 and 1994 ( I think ), two different projects were presented in Elektor, but I don't know if these are still availible.
One of these designs used very high quality crystal filters ( Toko ) spesifically designed for high quality FM.

Scehmatics should be available somehow, but a larger question is for the CPU program to control the thing.....
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