DIY external audio interface

Seeing all the talented engineers here I would like to collaborate with any and all interested parties on something to be proud of. There are TONS of quality diy DACs available these days which is great but I like a challenge.

I’m looking to develop an external audio interface with a modular design to keep the interface relatively future proof. The communications (pcie,thunderbolt,usb,whatever) should be a separate board that simply delivers i2s or i2c data to the dac/adc portion. That way a builder can opt for what their system supports. A main board would have a microcontroller or possibly even a SoC or system on module would control different DAC/ADC solutions from different vendors. Some folks might want two ESS9038pro’s running mono current out mode with a transformer for I/V conversion for each channel. Some folks might want to use a single ess9038pro for 8 devices and the adc side of things is exactly the same. Rather than design an unaffordable interface let’s put our minds together on how to come up with a design that gives makers unprecedented choice. Personally im aiming for an 8x8 thunderbolt interface, input and output transformers on each channel supporting 768kHz @ 32 bit with an octal tube socket for each channels gain device so users can build an opamp based circuit with an output transformer or anything the ( 24v r2r psu ? 48v ?? ) supply voltages support and simply place it in the socket.

Is anyone interested in participating in such a project ? The goal is providing affordable unmatched audio conversion while also enabling the dedicated to have a better product than what is commercially viable. I’m very dedicated to this project and I’m hoping someone else being involved will help me tone down my perfectionist urges, this will be fun. I have a lot of “lossless”
Feedback circuits to try as gain elements, even a magamp line amp could be stuck onto a bake light octal socket, this could be incredible
External 8x8 audio interface plus more

Im designing an interface, most likely thunderbolt, that supports 768kHz 32bit pcm audio streams. In or out transformers on all channels, with never before seen modularity to help avoid obsolescence . I plan to put the gain devices on separate modules on a male octal plug and the interface itself will have octal sockets some each ion channel can have gain which suits it best. If anyone wants to collaborate please let me know, I’m in the first stages but progress has occurred and quality will be unmatched. Again please get in touch if you are interested in making something incredible.