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DIY Enclosures Chassis for sale


2003-04-04 11:40 pm
I have two DIY-1013 chassis from diyenclosures.com, silver with black body and ventilated top. Both include the built in IEC/fuse module, both have holes drilled in the bottom panels as shown in picture but the other panels are all untouched. One of the faceplates was damaged when I got it so an extra is included still wrapped, so you get three faceplates which may come in handy if you want to use one to do test machining on. Will ship flat packed, they weigh around 8 pounds each.

These cost me $122 each plus shipping, sell for $75 each plus shipping.

Technical Specifications

Front Panel Dimensions: 10.5 × 6.1 × .25 inches (254 × 304.8 × 152.4 mm)
Inside Dimensions: 10.1 × 13 × 6.1 inches (256.5 × 330.2 × 154.9 mm)

I can take paypal, credit cards, or postal money orders for payment.



Roberts Acoustics


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