DIY DJ Mixer

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Don't need one at all but it helps all the kids on

There are other sites more appropriate for showing what such an audience is impressed by.
An Introduction To Mixing with DJ Isolators - DJ TechTools

Please consider your contribution to the diy community by posting useful technical information (walk us into the details of your modules, discuss schematics, show measurements).


Using this thread solely as a step toward your site, is not what is expected from members. In fact it is ‘touching’ on Rule # 11 violation.
Admittedly, asking me to justify the need for an isolator was taken as antagonistic - I'm aware of their non-traditional use in the world of hifi. They are however an established tool in certain circles and have been for

As far as touching on - I do apologise if I gave you the impression this is the case, and concur that 1 or 2 posters like myself promoting their businesses doesn't make for a good forum - but I would like to point out that I don't sell anything that I make, pcbs or otherwise and my branding is for a personal sense of cohesion.

I hope people can enjoy my blog in the spirit it was intended, as a diary of my thoughts and the general ideas I had kicking around when working on things. I've tried to post the general inspirations and reference was I considered to be useful reading for someone doing the same thing, and deliberately left out any equations. At times I enjoy reading blogs like this and find them motivational, I had hoped that offering that to others could be my contribution.
Wooly, this is an awesome project have you shared it on other sites like

Personally I would love to own a Bozak CMA-10-2DL and this looks like a great project. Have you done any testing to see how your mixer measures (THD, FR, RIAA tracking, etc.)? I'd be curious to see how it performs, especially vs the original. I'd also love to hear if you have done comparisons with standard high end phono and preamp setups. I feel like that is a comparison that many DJs should do but never do.

Personally, One of the things I have dreamt of for years is a DJ mixer like this one but using modern circuits from this site. I envision a Pass ono, pearl 2 or possibly RJM phono circuit feeding a B1 for each channel.

The other thing I have always wanted is a modern tubed mixer using aikido style topology (although traditional circuits wouldn't be bad either). However considering how accurate and noise free I've found SS phono preamps I would still possibly want that part of the mixer to not be tubed.

Have you ever had any interest in similar projects?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.