Diy designs for high front Atmos speakers


2016-08-14 8:36 pm
Greetings. I've been lurking for a while and I'm looking for guidance on diy designs which will work well as high front speakers for Dolby Atmos. I can drive 4-8 ohm speakers (marantz 7010). They'll be close to the ceiling and mounted on the wall so I'm looking for a design that's front ported and kind of near field, pointed to the 3 seat couch that's only 8 feet away from the tv and about 10 feet from the wall.

I'm currently using two of the satellites from a Logitech z5500 but they don't sound well with the Sony full tower speakers front speakers, requiring the sub to take over at a high 150 Hz. Something which can reach down to 80 Hz would probably be enough but 60 Hz would be preferable. It's a very small room so they don't need wide dispersion.

I can cut and build cabinets, cut driver openings, I can build a crossover, but I can't really design a speaker from scratch. Are there any design suggestions of full designs that'd work well?