DIY DAC + Streamer suggestions?

I got a spare Raspberry Pi3+ and a 2.5" 500GB SSD, I am sick of the amount of cables and AC adapters not to mention my DAC which I can't stand any longer (a Beresforf Caiman SEG), I'd like to put together in a single box both a streamer and a DAC as to get rid of my Caiman SEG and the MacMini which even tho does well takes space and extra cables.

The DAC would need one-two optical inputs (one for the TV and eventually another one for the CD player even tho it's built in DAC does sound very well), dunno if an R2R or a chip based one.

Should not be hard to build a PSU to power both DAC and storage-streamer.

Do you have any suggestion to what to look at?