Diy CRT Projector

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Lately I have been kicking around the idea of using three 5" black and white t.v.s with crt lenses and color filters.

The main problem I am having is brightness. I don't know if I can get the tvs bright enough to make it worth my while.

Another little problem is splitting the v-sync, h-sync,R,G,and B into seperate components to use for each tv. I think it can be done with some minor electronics, but I'm not sure.

Let me know what you think.

Don't quote me on this, but I wouldn't think that would work. The three black and white tv's wouldn't give out to right information to create the colours required, In fact, with the colour filters I think that the image may just turn out black. Sorry man but I think for such a project you would need 3 screens, specifically for RGB manipulation. But it may work, I may just not be thinking in the right way. That's my thought anyway.
Here is an example of what morien is saying. Open Photoshop and then open a color image. Go to the channels menu and look at the greyscale of each color (assuming RGB).

This will not work unless you can get these specific grayscales from each TV. Plus a color filter.

I'm no expert though...


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I know this goes against the spirit of this forum, but why not just go to ebay and buy a CRT? You can buy a decent one for under $500. I recently purchased a Sony 10 series. If you buy a Sony ?VPS 1031, 1252 or 1272, you can line double them. The little 5.5-in Sony VPH 1020 is a nice little starter unit . When new, these models ranged from $6000-21,000 and CRTs have a superior picture to LCD. Once I get mine installed, I may sell my panel and projector.
Sorting the signals

I whas thinking about how CRT electronics works and as far as i know the signals are treated seperatly all the way to the CRT so in theory You could just rerout the cables for respective color to an individual "tube" :)

Then there are the rest of the feeds for the "tubes" to soft out but that chould not be any problems for a trained electronics expert :)

I'm olso planing a CRT project but for the moment I'm just working on the old "100 inch projektor" plans to see if it is enough for my needs.
Something to think about

There is a problem if You use the standard CRT electonics from computer monitor for example. First You have to find CRT:s that works with the CRT electronics and then boost the brightness. Boosting the brightness is the problem (that is what somebody on the loooong LCD projektor thread told me). I´m trying to find out through a University how to do this but I only got a confusing reply that I and my friends did not understand. I will try again.

(They did not say it would not work :) )
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