DIY Center speaker.

I have a pair of 8 ohm bookshelf speakers that I would like to make a center speaker out of,they have 6 inch Peerless woofers and Accusound tweeters with a 2 or 3 way cross-over connected for 2 way. I'm using 1 speaker-box at the moment and I just put the other one in along side to see if it fits,now I'm wondering if I can wire the two together somehow for an awesome center speaker? The Amplifier is a Yamaha HTR-3063/RX-V367,both are the same? It has >100 [email protected] ohm output and I have DMC QED,1A front speakers 8 ohms and 8 ohm Skandia rears. The Yamaha doesn't seem to mind the 8 ohm load at all it doesn't overheat or anything and sounds excellent.Is there some way I can do this?


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... But what about my amp only being 6 ohms, will it be OK with 16 ohms?

Yes it WILL! :D

I suggested wiring them in series rather than parallel, because your amp will be happier with higher impedance Z (which is similar to resistance R really, just more complicated because it includes phase...LOL). Let's see, Ohm's Law says V=IR, er, so less current I at given voltage V...yes, the transistors in your amp stay more within their Safe Operating Area (SOAR)...:cool:

Do tell us how it sounds. I always got good results with this sort of thing. But never had 4 speakers to do the WHOLE ENCHILADA in stereo! It's quite a public address sort of sound in the end. :)