DIY Carnhill transformers colour for DIYRE Palette


2019-12-29 8:42 pm
Hello everyone,

I am new here so I would like to apologise preemptively if I'm starting a thread to a subject that might have already been discussed.

I have recently sparked my interest for putting together gear and though my knowledge and experience is still very basic I would like to expand on it.

I purchased a DIYRE palette with 2 colours and was wondering if I could build the 3rd colour myself. It might be stupid or overambitious, but I'm toying with the idea of connecting a Carnhill transformer like the ones used in 1073-s to the empty colour cards sold by DIYRE.

I understand this is a huge transformer that would not fit on a single colour of the palette. I was wondering if I could attach it to a separate blank 500 series PCB (AML-07-091) which would supply power to the transformer while being wired to the blank PCB in the palette.

Has anybody experimented with diy colour boxes using Carnhill transformers. Does anyone have any experience with AML-16-018, and could this be directly wired to the blank colour PCB in the palette?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


2018-01-02 10:36 am

Hi, I don't know if you got any further with this but some useful info might be garnered by examining the colour modules which already use a transformer and then developing a circuit around one of these to accept a carnhill, sowter or similar transformer... ANYONE?