DIY biamp 6-24 crossover

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At long last, I present the DIY Biamp 6-24 Crossover.

Attached is the "owners manual" which contains everything I have to say.

Basically it is a complete stereo biamp crossover which has 6, 12, 18 and
24 dB/octave slopes and filter poles independently adjustable over a
6:1 frequency range.

Quantities of the "Essentials Kit" are ready to ship to the store, and
should be available shortly. It includes the pc board and the selected
Jfets + bias resistors. The part list is complete and everything can be
obtained from Digikey and Mouser. I expect a "completion" kit to also
be offered.

6L6 has been provided with an advance copy to enable one of his
popular build guides, and Mike Rothacher has put together a simulator
for customization.

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Thanks Nelson, this will be a perfect complement to a B4 or miniDSP! Once I dial in the slopes and frequencies on the B4 I can build an affordable dedicated x-over. This should also be great compliment to the LXmini to add a sub or two.

Hi Jason, will there be pre-order for the first batch of these boards/kits? If so put me down for 4 channels :)

Thanks again,
What a glorious day it is.
Wait, biamp? (counting all my horn channels)
Oh well, back to trying to customize a bunch of LXmini Analog Crossover boards and hope they play nice together.


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